About Us

Wilber & Associates is a team of professionals specialized in interior design, consultancy and contracting, with more than 10 years’ experience in China and Hong Kong.

We provide services for corporate clients in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Asia and Dubai. Our clients incorporate Financial Institutes, Consulates, the IT industry and High-end Residential Developers.

Our core objective is to provide professional, creative and smart services for customers, deliver perfect design solutions with rigorous project management skills, adhere to high quality construction standards and follow up on facilities maintenance.

Our strength is to combine traditional craftsmanship together with cutting edge techniques so as to achieve our optimum goal and pursue a high quality environment.

Our Vision

Wilber is a team of professionals with a strong sense of corporate reputation and responsibility who heartily listens to clients’ unique corporate values and mission. Through high quality service, innovative design concepts and high construction quality, we help clients build their corporate culture, image, branding and management objectives.

Wilber is the long-term strategic partner to every client and corporation.

Wilber is the backbone force in maintaining the reputation of the design and construction industry, as well as setting the industry norm.


We care for our world
We care for our future
We share and act
Our globe’s concern is our concern

Sustainability and environmental concerns are hot topics nowadays. They are both widely accepted and developed in western countries but relatively new in Asia. With this mission in mind, we instill the sustainability concept in our projects as our work would influence our future.

We produce effective floor and lighting layouts which enhance efficiency, work flow, saves time, and minimize traffic. Consideration of construction details reduces the wear and tear of materials and decoration and saves cost.

Good furniture strategy plans would increase the percentage of reusable components. Effective light zoning layouts would save energy, use less fuel and minimize carbon emissions.

We focus on our material and furniture specifications, which include raw materials, production plants, countries of origin, installation materials and residuals generated from production.

Living in one of the most fast paced cities in the world, people claim a lack of time to think about others… but work hard to achieve personal goals. Although we are a small four wheel drive driving the green concept, we believe we are the source that welcomes the new era.