Project Designer
Assistant Interior Designer
3D Designer
Project Manager
Project Manager Assistant
Budget Estimator
Material Assistant
Information Assistant
Site Supervisor
Electrical & Mechanical Engineer
Marketing Assistant

Hong Kong
Senior Interior Designers
Business Development Manager
Project Manager Assistant

Skill requirement/ experience:

  • Diploma / Degree in Interior Design or Construction;
  • 1 year or above experience in Project Coordinator/ Assistance Project Manager;
  • Familiar with project progress, construction submission/ application, site management, completion and acceptance process, familiar with the of project management filing system;
  • Integrity, self-initiative and take responsibility, team player and excellent communication Skill, able work under pressure;
  • Assist project manager in various planning during construction process, document preparation, report and tracking; responsible for project drawings and data management; assistance projects related to final acceptance of work;
  • Complete the tasks assigned by project department, and other administrative and superiors instruction.